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Signature Cooling Services

Is there nothing more wonderful than air conditioning? Let’s face it—when the summer heat sets in, having a working A/C unit is the deciding factor between a terrible day and a great one. Whether you’re A/C unit needs cleaning, repairs, or a complete replacement, Bartlett Plumbing & Heating in Lansing, MI, is on the job.

We’ll ensure you get an effective air conditioner that runs efficiently and cools your home to perfection. Our team of talented technicians is fully licensed, insured, and has over 15 years of experience. We can service any make or model of A/C unit, and we offer quality Tappan and Gibson cooling system installations.

Our rates are competitive, and our service can’t be beaten. Contact us today to ensure your climate-controlled comfort.

two technicians fixing A/C unit

Exceptional Cooling Repairs and Maintenance

Bartlett Plumbing & Heating is committed to providing exceptional cooling services to ensure your home’s optimal comfort. We’ll quickly dispatch our qualified technicians to your home for prompt air conditioning service. Whether you need an extensive air conditioning repair or a quick furnace tune-up, we can handle it all.

From thermostat malfunctions to A/C condenser breakdowns, no issue is too simple or too complex for us to resolve. We offer affordable repair options and seasonal promotions and discounts to ensure you get the best possible price. Contact Bartlett Plumbing & Heating and keep your cool all summer long when you.

Signs Your A/C May Need Repairs

Knowing the warning signs of a malfunctioning air conditioner can save you days of discomfort and expensive energy bills. While some symptoms are obvious, others can be subtler.

  • Common red flags for air conditioners include:
  • No cool air, even with a low-temperature setting
  • Poor airflow or ventilation
  • Thermostat problems
  • Moisture pooling or leaking near your A/C unit
  • Strange sounds or odors emanating from your A/C unit.

Rely On Us for A/C Installations

Reliability is a hallmark of our trade, and when you call Bartlett Plumbing & Heating, you can rely on our ability to repair your air conditioner, furnace, or plumbing fixtures quickly, effectively, and affordably.

We offer exceptional air conditioning repairs, ongoing maintenance, and installations at very competitive prices. We stock excellent wall-mounted, central, and multi-split air conditioning systems from manufacturers, such as Tappan and Gibson, that come with a rock-solid warranty you can rely on. We strive to provide the very best repair and maintenance services in Lansing, MI, and we’ll ensure you’re more than satisfied with our work.