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Water Softener Specialists

You wouldn’t know by looking at your tap water, but at a microscopic level trace amounts of minerals, like calcium and magnesium, are slipping through into your drinking water, your laundry, and your dishwasher. Over time, these mineral deposits can lead to dull dishes covered in hard water spots, worn clothing, and clogged pipes.

We can install a water softener system that filters out these deposits and ensures the water you use on a daily basis is absolutely clean and free of pollutants. Our team of seasoned technicians has over 15 years of experience in the industry, and we’re fully licensed and insured. We carry quality name-brand softeners, and we also offer water softener repairs and maintenance if your current system is acting awry.

woman drinking water

The Benefits of Water Softeners

Today’s water softener technology utilizes ion exchange and anti-scale systems that transform calcium ions into easily shed calcium crystals that can be rinsed away. Our top-quality softeners offer many advantages that include:

  • Longer-lasting pipes and water use of appliances
  • Cleaner, shinier silverware, and glasses
  • Softer and more durable clothes
  • Save money on monthly energy bills
  • Softer skin and smoother hair
  • And more
filling glass with water from faucet

Prompt Water Softener Repairs and Installations

Bartlett Plumbing & Heating is one of the leading suppliers of water softener services in Lansing, MI. If your softener has stopped using salt or you’re noticing spots on your dishes and glassware, something may be wrong, and our skilled team will be there to fix the problem. If your current system just needs a little maintenance or you need a full installation, you can trust our team to diagnose the problem quickly and solve the issue promptly.

We pride ourselves on detailed work, professional communication, and the most competitive prices in the region. We’re fully licensed and insured, and we stand behind all of our services with a satisfaction guarantee.

Salt-Free vs. Traditional Water Softeners

When it comes to water softeners, there are currently two types of systems available for use: traditional water softeners and salt-free softeners.

Traditional water softeners utilize salt to actively remove sediments and buildup from your water. Traditional water softeners can brighten your laundry, give a smoother water feel in the shower, and reduce scale and spot buildup on your dishes.

However due to the use of salt, they add more sodium to your drinking water, and for some people with dietary or health conditions, this may pose a problem. Salt-free softeners have all the same advantages of traditional softeners but don’t add or use salt in any way.

We can help you choose a system that fits your needs and your budget. We offer a wide variety of water softener options that are affordable and effective in removing hard water spots and deposits.